Wachna Family of Canada flag?

Reunion 2012 Photos

    We received 420 HUGE photos (typically 5184x3456 pixels) on a DVD from Alan Wachna, so we created 14 'web albums' of 30 photos each, to give you quick access to previews of these photos.

    No photos were discarded, so you can choose which one(s) you want to download, crop, resize, print  ... whatever.

    Make note of the filename(s) of your choice(s) from the following albums (named for the image numbers in them):

IMG_2449-IMG_2480    IMG_2481-IMG_2511    IMG_2512-IMG_2541   

IMG_2542-IMG_2571    IMG_2572-IMG_2603    IMG_2604-IMG_2635   

IMG_2636-IMG_2668    IMG_2669-IMG_2698    IMG_2699-IMG_2732   

IMG_2733-IMG_2769    IMG_2770-IMG_2798    IMG_2799-IMG_2831   

IMG_2832-IMG_2866    IMG_2867-IMG_2902   

    Now, follow the instructions in this link to download your favourites  (typically 10MB each)...