Reunion 2012 Video

Sandra Hyduk reports that

I must point out that I only took the video and stills, compiled and burned it on a DVD.
Poor Ernie was handed the DVD and asked to send it to you.  He has spent hours figuring out the best way.  I wanted to just send it  by slow mail.  Ernie loves a good computer challenge and I seem to have a talent in providing them to him.

So Ernie installed the "FileZilla ftp client" program  and uploaded a "DVD" of files for us.

You can obtain "the DVD" files by downloading a 265MB zip file to play with, or, you could download (and save?) just the movie file (350MB).

You can burn the "movie file" (VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB) to a CD, playable on a computer, and some models of DVD player ("LG" works here, but choppy).

I have burnt a DVD disc, playable on an "LG" DVD player (by copying both "video directories" to a DVD disc). Beautiful! Good sound too.